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We are back home in Texas - woohoo! Though I have loved living in the tropical beauty of Kwajalein, RMI, the East Coast, and Las Vegas, it's now time to be back home near my family! After all, I am a Mimi now! #ILoveBeingAMimi Those who know me best say I am super naive, gullible, and naturally flirty, and I say I am just a girly girl who has a deep passion for, and love of God. Which means I love people and I love lovin’ on people ☺ Like many of you, I’ve had my fair share of tragedy and sadness and have finally shed my stained and tear laden sackcloth and I am HEALED and I choose JOY! And I firmly believe that life is all about helping each other, standing in the gap, and holding each other up whenever we can. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Isaiah 1:17 Isaiah 58:10 I am married to my sweetheart, Bill, for 25 years, have a beautiful social-worker daughter and amazing wounded warrior son-in-law, and the cutest little 8 yr old granddaughter who takes up much of my time! I love to talk and I love to listen, and I’d love to have a conversation with you! Won’t you join me? #mimishavemorefun #adoptionrocks #Healed #Joy #WildBeauty

I am His and He is Mine

Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I find your words. And I eat them. And they become the joy and delight of my heart! For you created me, oh God. You see me and hear me, and know me intimately – and yet you ever love me!

All Things of You

I long to be who you created me to be, here on earth. I long for you to fill my being with all things of you – kindness, love, joy, mercy, forgiveness, gentleness, patience, peace, and self control.

A Soothing Masterpiece

This morning as I reflect on life, I realize anew how my attitude affects my spirit. Life has held many …

Forever Family

Adoption is everything! My daughter and her daughter, the most beautiful gifts 💝 #Adoption #ForeverFamily

Be Life

Aaaaaahh! I love that! Then we are not overlooked, after all! When we are following Christ, allowing all we say and do to reflect God’s glory, we smell so good and give off such a vibrancy that we can’t help but be seen, heard, known (and smelled lol) not only by God, but also those around us!


Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What about your heart? Do you think your heart is pretty? Does it feel, emote and share easily? Does it love and give generously?

Light Walkers

When we purposefully choose to WALK in the light, we are able to tap into His grace-filled love, now within us, which enables us to have true and real fellowship with one another, without prejudice and judgment, the way our Creator does, and designed us to do also.

Safe House

When I acquiesced to His specific request, He gave me this significant promise, “I will keep you safe.” And for …

Beautiful, Meaningful Gifts

I just love it when I see God’s inspiration in my thoughts and His prompting in whatever I’m doing! It …

Wild Beauties

Originally posted on a Word with Mindy:
???? As I walked through my back yard this morning, meditating, and enjoying the lovely Springtime…

Pour Over Me

As I pause and listen to the words, I close my eyes and let the words pour over me.

Love Is…?

Love is patient, Love is kind… Hmmm…I wonder, What is Love to you?

I am WOMAN, Hear Me Sing!

I am a woman who applauds other women who strive for career advancement and certain types of equality in the …

New Wine – Out of Me?

This morning as I spent some time in devotion, I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in the …

Dead Sea Rising!

The last few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Launch team for Jerry B. Jenkins new novel, …

A #messymakeover

What does your desk or workspace look like? At first glance mine looks like a total mess. Right? That’s what …

The Hidden Person of the Heart

There is definitely something to be said for dressing nicely, fixing your hair, and accessorizing it up to feel confident …